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(This restaurant is very popular with) royalty: (Dieses Restaurant ist sehr beliebt bei) den Mitgliedern des Königshauses

(the) royal (family): (die) königliche (Familie)


  • "Philip Cheeter : Oh yeah baby, I don't usually go for older women Liz, but in your case, I'll make a royal exception!"
  • "Auctioneer : Welcome to Royal Auctioneers, Ladies and Gentlemen."
  • "Five years ago, a sheik of the Royal House of Bahreindeer deposited a huge sum of American currency in my bank."
  • "Robot : Welcome to Royal Rehab, your simple solution to becoming a better leader."
  • "This is Admiral Brian Jones, veteran of the Her Majesty's Royal Navy."
  • "Luna, just finished my weekend session at Royal Rehab."
  • "(to have) blue blood - (to be) royal or aristocratic"
  • "Royal Rehab® is the world's most unique rehabilitation center, with over 5000 years of experience turning kingly cruelties into tiny transgressions!"
  • "Royal Rehab® can help!"
  • "Royal Rehab®- Contact us today for a free estimate and consultation."

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