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Übersetzung & Definition

to schedule (a meeting): (ein Meeting) planen
as scheduled wie geplant, wie vorgesehen

a schedule: ein (Zeit-)Plan, ein Programm
the train schedule der Zugfahrplan
What's your schedule for the day? Was steht heute auf Ihrem Programm?

Pronunciation examples
UK: What's your schedule for the day?
US: I would like to schedule an appointment with Dr Jekyll please.


  • "My schedule isn't important at all because tonight, the thing you're forgetting, is the shareholders meeting, where I have to address the shareholders, employees and the media to tell them about Horatio!"
  • "I'd like to schedule our first meeting for tomorrow morning, first thing."
  • "I optimise schedules and efficiency"
  • "To help schedule this picnic, I'd like you all to let me know which day is best for you this weekend."
  • "I am writing to confirm our scheduled meeting for next Thursday."
  • "I'd like you to schedule some interviews immediately."
  • "I'm just looking at the shipping schedule."
  • "I have already scheduled a bus tour of the city, so that I can see all the buildings and monuments!"
  • "Was that on my schedule Brian?"
  • "Al Capone : We're on a tight schedule, Brian, so no chit-chatting please."

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