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the shape (of an object): die Form, die Kondition (eines Objekts)

(to be) shaped (like a star): (wie ein Stern) geformt (sein)
Barry dug up some of his potatoes and one was shaped like Elvis. Barry grub ein paar seiner Kartoffeln aus und eine davon war wie Elvis geformt.

to shape: formen, bilden, gestalten


  • "By the shape of it, I would say it was a violin."
  • "Filipe : Moving up to the legs - oh yes, your calves are in excellent shape."
  • "Donna : Yes look at that, even Stink the dog got a present, a squeaky toy in the shape of a roast chicken!"
  • "Expect strange shapes, serious faces, and deep meanings."
  • "Cookies in the shape of elves!"
  • "To me, it suggests a perfume bottle shaped in the form of our initials "DC"."
  • "I am shaped like two beans."
  • "Also, I love the shape of your ears."
  • "Managers come in many different shapes and forms. There are many types of managers and many different terms that describe different managers."
  • "The bottle looks remarkably similar, with the same shape and colours and the logo is clearly based on ours."

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