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a soul: eine Seele
You musn't tell a soul. Sie dürfen es keiner Menschenseele erzählen.
a sensitive soul eine zarte Seele

Pronunciation examples
UK: He sold his soul to get that new job.
US: Does the soul survive the death of the body?
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  • "Horatio : Monkey soul!"
  • "You're a very sensitive soul Polly Watson."
  • "Where is the soul?"
  • "Brian : Ahh, this fresh mountain air is good for the mind, body and soul."
  • "He's got a very positive energy that exudes from his soul."
  • "Thank you for allowing me to see into your lovely soul, and for sharing so much of yourself with me."
  • "As our eyes met for the first time, I felt her looking deep into my soul, a place where no woman had ever penetrated."
  • "I sense that she has a good soul."

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