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to spend (money, time): (Geld) ausgeben, verbringen
Kevin Connors does not like to spend money. Kevin Connors gibt nicht gerne Geld aus.
I spent a month in Mexico. Ich habe einen Monat in Mexiko verbracht.
I spent the day in Paris but I slept in Monaco. Ich habe den Tag in Paris verbracht, aber in Monaco geschlafen.

Achtung, das Adjektiv spent bedeutet 'erschöpft'.

Dieses Verb ist unregelmäßig:
I spend / I spent / I have spent

the spending: die Ausgaben


  • "Everything depends on billing - how many hours you spend even thinking about a client."
  • "That harrowing experience gave me a new perspective on the nature of my own life, and how I want to spend the rest of it."
  • "Let's get serious Jonas, how do Scandinavians spend their summers?"
  • "I like the numbers, and I like to spend my day in my little office, typing on my little number machines."
  • "The lack of content in your message is one thing - I spend half my day reading e-mails which say nothing."
  • "Why would I spend the rest of my days unhappy?"
  • "Don't forget the winner of the contest will spend a weekend with me on my private jet (also a contractual obligation)."
  • "And the beauty of this song is - in case it wins me any bonus points - you can also use it for New Year too, which I assume I'll also be spending alone."
  • "Icarus got very sunburnt and spent the evening in the hospital with minor facial burns, but overall, the picnic was a success, no thanks to the rest of you!"
  • "I spend my days in a cloudy laboratory-"

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