Stay tuned

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Stay tuned!: Bleiben Sie dran!


  • "Click on the link below and stay tuned to hear the success story of elderly fall victim, Thelma Fudd."
  • "Can a president truly be effective when he has to walk a small dog twice a day? Stay tuned."
  • "Stay tuned everybody."
  • "Stay tuned because next we'll ask a goat to explain gravity."
  • "Voiceover : Stay tuned, Beachview is next!"
  • "Brent : Stay tuned, everyone: in the next segment we'll meet a dog who conducts electricity!"
  • "Stay tuned everyone because after the commercial we'll have an interview with Germany's only living humorist."
  • "Stay tuned everybody because we'll be back after the break with Eduardo the human cannonball!"
  • "One wonders how the company's CEO, Bruno Delavigne will react to this latest fiasco. Stay tuned."
  • "I'll take your calls after the break. Stay tuned."

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