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to take someone (somewhere): jemanden (irgendwohin) mitnehmen
Dieses Verb ist unregelmäßig:
I take someone / I took / I have taken

to take (something, time): (etwas, sich Zeit) nehmen

to take a break: eine Pause machen


  • "Gonna take you right into the danger zone"
  • "If you fix it, I'll take you back home to San Francisco."
  • "Here, take these disco trousers."
  • "Say, Daddy, do you think you could take me gold mining with you?"
  • "Yesterday, Shoshana and Youri took me to the National Museum of Kalackistani History."
  • "I'll take your apathy."
  • "Susie : After dinner, Bruno took me to the hotel."
  • "When we arrived in Paris, he took me to a restaurant in the Latin quarter for a romantic dinner."
  • "Only a man would take you to such an awful place."
  • "Edward : Thanks for taking me out mining with you, Daddy."

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