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terribly: schrecklich, sehr
I'm terribly sorry. Es tut mir sehr leid.
He's a terribly bad singer. Er ist ein schrecklicher Sänger.


  • "These terrorists – and I do not think this word is too strong – take issue with the fishing of bluefin tuna, arguing that the bluefin community is suffering terribly from over-fishing."
  • "I hope you don't find this question terribly impolite."
  • "I'm terribly sorry Bruno, I don't know how this lady got in!"
  • "Rupert : Terribly sorry, Mr. Yankee Dollar."
  • "In both cases, this is not terribly, uh, serious, because our earnings more than compensate for these expenses."
  • "Luna : I'm terribly sorry to hear that."
  • "He felt terribly depressed, and needed to take a break."
  • "He's a charming man: terribly sweet, and bends over backwards to help his customers."
  • "Brian : Listen, this all sounds terribly interesting Quentin."
  • "Brian : Oh, I'm terribly sorry, but we don't have any more olives."

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