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thanks to (something): dank (etw.)
Thanks to my new home security system, the SSS3000, I can finally sleep well at night. Dank meiner neuen Alarmanlage für Zuhause, der SSS3000, kann ich nachts endlich gut schlafen.
Thanks to Icarus, the IRS will not be visiting Kevin this year. Dank Icarus wird die Steuerbehörde Kevin in diesem Jahr keinen Besuch abstatten.


  • "Icarus got very sunburnt and spent the evening in the hospital with minor facial burns, but overall, the picnic was a success, no thanks to the rest of you!"
  • "Thanks to a stroke of brilliance on my part, a shipment of Bruno's Brew is now on its way to our Sales Affiliate in Brazil."
  • "It's all thanks to you, Glenn."
  • "The idea is that a man can create a sense of untouchable, unquestionable power around himself simply by wearing the perfect suit: colleagues fear him, bosses respect him and clients trust him. All this, thanks to his suit."
  • "The Delavigne Corporation has become a household name thanks to its perfume and cosmetic products."
  • "We're already 2 days behind schedule, thanks to your little snake fiasco."
  • "Thanks to you, we took first place in the tournament!"
  • "But overall, the picnic was a success, no thanks to the rest of you!"
  • "I couldn't even take my glass of wine outside the bar to keep me company, thanks to most town centres now being "alcohol-free zones"."

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