The other day

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(I was at the bank) the other day: (Ich war) neulich (bei der Bank)

(I go to the gym) every other day: (Ich gehe) jeden zweiten Tag (zur Gymnastik)


  • "So I phoned your friend Brian Jones the other day."
  • "Please forgive me for that stupid prank the other day, and please just forgive me generally too."
  • "It has to do with what we talked about the other day."
  • "Hannah : You know Icarus, I read an article the other day that might be helpful for you."
  • "Didn't I speak with a woman on the phone the other day?"
  • "And I swear the other day he frowned at me!"
  • "Perhaps I'm exaggerating, but the other day I saw a horse in the parking lot."
  • "I went to rent a video from the store the other day, and they didn't have the movie I wanted to see: a documentary on deforestation."
  • "The other day I updated my PalPay account, or I thought I did, but then I read this article on the john this morning, and I'm like 87% certain that I have a virus, and."
  • "I went to lunch with Susie the other day, and she made the mistake of ordering a cheese omelet."

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