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a thing: eine Sache
The last thing we would want is to lose this client's business. Das Letzte, das wir uns wünschten, ist diesen Kunden zu verlieren.

Pronunciation examples
UK: The best thing about France is the pains au chocolat.
US: What's that strange thing over there?
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  • "Wang Jewelry (Tianjin, formerly "Ling Ling's Rings and Things", bought outright in 2002, given to Wang's son-in-law as a dowry."
  • "The mayor wants to rap with me about some things."
  • "Bruno : Brian, do you hear the things you say out loud?"
  • "The sea is notorious for many terrible things and dangers."
  • "Lucky : I know many things."
  • "Look, it's all a bit technical, but the important thing is that my company's future is secure."
  • "Bruno : That's a weird thing to say."
  • "Where you from, you sexy thing?"
  • "-Sexy well-read blonde loves the sweeter things in life"
  • "We only have time to one thing tonight, what's it going to be?"

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