To present

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to present: vorstellen, beschenken

a present: ein Geschenk

present: präsent, aktuell, derzeitig
Pronunciation examples
UK: He presented me with a beautiful watch as a thank-you present.
US: I'll be presenting the prizes at the ceremony.
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  • "General Rainbow Child : Ladies and gentlemen, I present Brian Jones, the human cannonball!"
  • "Danica : Boys, give me Bruno's present."
  • "Bruno : Present, your honor."
  • "I expect you all to be present, awake, attentive and on time."
  • "Brian : Did he fill your sock with presents?"
  • "Danica : Present, your honor."
  • "I have a little present for you, Pop Pop."
  • "You will be presenting Mr Icarus Quincy."
  • "And Mr. Bruno Delavigne, are you present?"
  • "The information presented within my self-published book is not strictly speaking "legal" or "admissible" in a court of law."

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