To stick to

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to stick to, with: sich halten an, bleiben bei
Please stick to the subject, Horatio. Bitte bleiben Sie beim Thema, Horatio.

I'm sticking to (American cars, although they are expensive): Ich bleibe (amerikanischen Autos) treu, (auch wenn sie teuer sind)


  • "no, we will stick with Bruno's Brew."
  • "I will be sticking to my real corks, and I urge you to do the same!"
  • "I made reservations for Chez Marguerite, but you must promise that you'll stick to an appetizer and a main course."
  • "And how do you feel about sticking to a company dress code?"
  • "From now on, I am sticking to perfumes."
  • "Now please call again the day before the flight to confirm, or Mr. Delavigne will be stuck with the standard food."
  • "Refrigerator magnets are unaffiliated with Delavigne Corporation, and are not guaranteed to stick to refrigerators or other surfaces."

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