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Übersetzung & Definition

to suit (somebody): (jemandem) stehen, passen
Nicht verwechseln mit a suit (ein Herrenanzug):

I finally found a job that suits me. Ich habe endlich einen Job gefunden, der zu mir passt.
Green doesn't really suit your complexion. Grün steht dir nicht so gut.
Suit yourself. Tun Sie, was Sie wollen.

to be suited to, for (something): geeignet sein (für), passend sein
Jean thinks he's well suited for the Delavigne corporation. Jean denkt, dass er für die Delavigne Corporation sehr geeignet ist.


  • ""Eternal Summer" suits you perfectly."
  • "Actually, that suits me – the Australian Dollar is down against the US Dollar at the moment."
  • "I think a kaftan and a pair of loose pants would really suit you."
  • "If you send him an e-mail with your requirements and preferences, he'll look through all the properties he has on his books and select the ones most suited to your needs."
  • "I have everything from Abba to ZZ Top- something to suit every taste and budget!"
  • "The early afternoon would suit me best: let's say 2.30PM."
  • "Nicola : Ok, ok, Thursday suits me."
  • "I hope those arrangements suit you."
  • "I think they'd really suit you."
  • "We've got some very nice artificial plants which might suit you better."

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