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a towel: ein Handtuch
to throw in the towel das Handtuch werfen

Pronunciation examples
UK: When I got out of the water, I realised I'd forgotten my towel.
US: Could you throw me that towel please?


  • "You can come over, as long as you bring some rum, some rubber gloves and a towel."
  • "Would you get a towel, Icarus Quincy?"
  • "I'd like a first class ticket: Champagne, whisky, hand towels, the works!"
  • "I will take a towel, Cindy."
  • "Please hand me a towel."
  • "Icarus : While I was in the restroom, I was washing my hands, and a man offered to dry them with a silk towel."
  • "Icarus's mom : Icarus, if you're going to be sick, would you at least get a towel?"
  • "Would you care for a warm towel?"
  • "If you haven't noticed, I am wearing a towel."

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