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to trade (with a country): (mit einem Land) Handel betreiben
free trade der Freihandel
world trade der Welthandel

to trade (one thing for another): (eine Sache gegen eine andere) eintauschen

a trade (profession): ein Beruf
a trade paper, magazine ein Handelsblatt, eine Fachzeitschrift


  • "Susie : Yes, and from the industry trade publication "American Perfume Digest", here is Mr. Philip Cheeter."
  • "I was hoping we could trade some money!"
  • "Xavier taught me the perfume trade because he wanted me to take over his business, and carry on his legacy."
  • "We have trading partners all over the world, improving educational facilities, and natural resources which will last us for centuries."
  • "Fans of the punk group "Down with the Duke" will finally get their wish when the band makes its highly anticipated comeback tomorrow night at the Free Trade Room in New York City."
  • "In closing, I'd just like to dedicate this moment to my grandfather Xavier Delavigne, who raised me like his own son, taught me the perfume trade, and sacrificed everything he had to send me to this school."

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