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trendy: modisch, schick
North Beach is a very trendy neighborhood in San Francisco. North Beach ist ein wirklich schickes Viertel in San Francisco.

a trend: ein Trend, eine Tendenz
Using Blinix instead of Microtosh is a new trend. Blinix anstatt Microtosh zu benutzen ist ein neuer Trend.


  • "Next we'll take a look at the new trendy automobile in California: the Hummer Limousine."
  • "It's a worrying trend."
  • "The events took place late last night at a trendy bar in San Francisco's North Beach neighborhood, where witnesses reported seeing an altercation between two men arguing over the television program being shown."
  • "So whether you're wrestling market trends or man-eating alligators, Outback Cologne is sure to give you an edge on the competition."
  • "First we went to dinner at this trendy new Japanese joint called SakeBomb, on Dolores Street."
  • "We can attribute this trend to the Japanese market."
  • "But that's the trendy area of San Fransisco."
  • "It's just that I've noticed a surprising trend: TigerLily isn't being bought by Rebecca."
  • "Though unions will never be the same force that shaped 20th-century America, their steady decline is not the global trend."
  • "Sigourney : So, I imagine that you must have an opinion on the trend of big businesses 'doing their part' to help the environment."

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