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a tribute: eine Hommage, eine Ehrung
This poem is a tribute to the heroes of the French Revolution. Dieses Gedicht ist eine Ehrung an die Helden der französischen Revolution.

to pay tribute to (one's parents): (seinen Eltern) Achtung entgegenbringen
Thousands of people paid tribute to the war veterans. Tausende Menschen zollten den Kriegsveteranen Anerkennung.

Pronunciation examples
UK: We all sang a song as a tribute to the victims of the accident.
US: I'd like to pay tribute to the directors of the film.
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  • "Delavigne's tribute to his grandfather, 'La Potion de Papi', was a great success."
  • "Delavigne's tribute to his grandfather, 'La Potion de Papi' was the preferred cologne of Parisian men during the summer of 1978."
  • "Delavigne's tribute to his grandfather, 'La Potion de Papi' was a great success."
  • "Robot : Because citizens get very attached to songs about their country, and they don't like it when their music becomes a tribute to one's egomania."
  • "Bruno Delavigne had been waving to the crowd, along with representatives from the Delavigne staff, atop of the famous 'Nose float', a two-ton papier-mâché tribute to Delavigne's powerful organ."
  • "Brian : Now, to pay tribute to our fallen comrades, an original composition from unpaid intern Edward Moon."
  • "One of Bruno Delavigne's very first creations and a tribute to his late grandfather Xavier is back, and better than ever."

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