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a view: eine Aussicht, eine Meinung
I want a room with a view. Ich möchte ein Zimmer mit Aussicht.
What are your views on this? Wie ist Ihre Meinung hierzu?

to view: ansehen, besichtigen
After viewing his photos, I knew he was not a photographer. Nachdem ich seine Fotos gesehen hatte wusste ich, dass er kein Fotograf ist.
Unfortunately, we view the situation differently. Unglücklicherweise sehen wir die Situation anders.
I view this trip to Amsterdam as a good opportunity to expand my horizons. Ich sehe diese Reise nach Amsterdam als gute Gelegenheit an, meinen Horizont zu erweitern.


  • "Let's be honest, you never know who you might offend with your wild and uneducated views on government, so why say anything at all?"
  • "What are your views on this situation?"
  • "But 15 euros won't get you a view."
  • "But seriously Jean, my political views are personal, and shouldn't leave this room. Understood?"
  • "On the Internet, the clip of you at the award show has been viewed over a million times, and hits on the Delavigne website have quadrupled since last night."
  • "Hannah has a strong British accent, and strong views on everything."
  • "Republicans are sometimes called "conservatives", which refers both to their conservative views on the economy, but also to their social values."
  • "Postcard from London's romantic views"
  • "Anyhow, your mission for this week, should you choose to accept it, is to learn as much as you can about your colleagues' political views without offending them. For example, is your colleague a Democrat or a Republican?"
  • "Quite frankly Jean, if I told you about my political views, I'm afraid I would have to kill you."

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