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to volunteer: sich freiwillig melden, sich ehrenamtlich engagieren
Luna volunteers for many environmental organizations. Luna engagiert sich ehrenamtlich für viele Umweltorganisationen.
Thank you for volunteering your help this weekend. Vielen Dank für Ihr freiwilliges Engagement an diesem Wochenende.

volunteer: Ehrenamtlicher, Freiwilliger
Pronunciation examples
UK: In my free time, I enjoy volunteering at the animal centre.
US: I need a volunteer to wash my car.


  • "We need to do something about the volunteer test monkeys as well."
  • "A two year volunteer program to help rehabilitate convalescent marine mammals"
  • "Delavigne Corp, already considered a maverick in the cosmetics industry for its staunch refusal to use animals in the testing of their products (aside from their controversial volunteer monkeys), hopes to promote ecological awareness among its long-time customers as well as take advantage of a new wave of environmental consciousness among consumers, brought to national attention by the recent bestseller "Global Warming: It's all your fault"."
  • "Please go to Horatio's laboratory at 6pm where you will be joined by fellow "volunteers", Hannah Benedict (Head of Retail) and Edward Moon (British intern)."
  • "Polly has the product specifications from our Mid-West distributors, and Philip has volunteered to shoulder the responsibility of taking care of my contacts here in the Bay."
  • "One of the older monkeys, Belinda, has volunteered."
  • "A luscious female monkey by the name of Belinda, volunteer for an anti-aging cream that is being tested in the laboratory."
  • "It's true that Stickypedia is maintained by anonymous volunteers rather than renowned experts, but despite this, it works remarkably well!"
  • "Don't forget, you've volunteered to give blood tomorrow."
  • "Mr. Delavigne, your good friend Mr. Cheeter has volunteered you, so please don't be shy."

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