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a week: eine Woche
I work out once a week. Ich trainiere einmal pro Woche.

weekly: wöchentlich

on a weekly basis: wöchentlich, auf wöchentlicher Basis, im Wochenrhythmus


  • "The stock is going to triple in a few weeks."
  • "I need this book back in 3 weeks!"
  • "I am seventeen weeks old, and yes, I am indeed a talking baby."
  • "Bruno : Ok Brian, we've been training together for 2 weeks."
  • "Today's torrid tabloid tales are dedicated to nouveau-riche nudist Horatio Oléré, who shocked the world this week with his debaucherous deeds."
  • "Did you know that this little girl once took a taxi to school for a week while the chauffeur was out sick?"
  • "Kalvin Krime Cosmetics has been making waves this week, launching a series of perfumed billboards."
  • "I haven't been able to see Game of Groans for weeks."
  • "I apologize for being in America during my first week as European president."
  • "Friday : To finish the week in style, our twisted tycoon was seen burning hundred dollar bills to light Cuban cigars in a Las Vegas night club."

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