Whenever one wants

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whenever (you want): wann immer (Sie wollen)
Come over to my house whenever you want. Kommen Sie zu mir, wann immer Sie wollen.


  • "I'm glad that you're a doctor and make a good living, and that I can get free x-rays whenever I want."
  • "Yes sure, whenever you want."
  • "Whenever a delicate question is asked, or one which you can't or don't want to answer, feel free to tactfully decline a response."
  • "Whenever you talk to me, you're polite and courteous."
  • "Everyone should be able to express their ideas freely, whenever they want, without being censored or ridiculed."
  • "So, uh, please call me back whenever you get the chance and we'll set up a meeting."
  • "I'm here whenever you need me, any time Wednesday nights from 8 until 10:00 pm."
  • "I also want to be sure that it is available whenever I need it."

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