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to win: gewinnen
Achtung: Wenn man von Geld spricht, gebraucht man die Verben to earn oder to make.

The president won the election by a large margin. Der Präsident gewann die Wahl mit großer Mehrheit.

Dieses Verb ist unregelmäßig:
I win / I won / I have won

a winner: ein Gewinner


  • "And the beauty of this song is - in case it wins me any bonus points - you can also use it for New Year too, which I assume I'll also be spending alone."
  • "Brian Jones (UK) won a silver medal in Flirting with the opposite sex ."
  • "Who should win this talent show?"
  • "I don't know who should win."
  • "No longer making statements about America winning back-to-back world wars"
  • "We're all winners today, because we've learned to laugh and love."
  • "New president of Europe Brian Alistair Jones, the winner in a hotly contested election that divided citizens over issues such as a national cheese, sits in his office with a reflective look on his face."
  • "Don't forget the winner of the contest will spend a weekend with me on my private jet (also a contractual obligation)."
  • "Therefore, you are the winner."
  • "Edward : Did I win?"

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