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to work (on a project): (an einem Projekt) arbeiten
I work at home. Ich arbeite zu Hause.
to be out of work arbeitslos sein
public works öffentliche Bauarbeiten, staatliche Bauvorhaben

(I have a lot of) work: (Ich habe viel) Arbeit
Wenn es um das Bauwesen geht, wird die Pluralform verwendet works (Bauarbeiten, Gewerke)

(My computer doesn't) work (anymore): (Mein Computer) funktioniert (nicht mehr)
Pronunciation examples
UK: So, where do you work?
US: In a nuclear power plant. I've been working there for six months. I love it.
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  • "There ain't but two sides to this world: Them that work, and them that don't."
  • "It's not fair to you for me to pretend our relationship is going to work when I know in my heart my attention is elsewhere - Europe."
  • "No need to come back and work for you."
  • "Brian : Almost, nearly there… and, voilà , your internet should be working now!"
  • "you'll work for me!"
  • "I can't work here for a penny under sixty-five."
  • "When you smile at me, it's like my heart stops working, and then my stomach hurts and I cannot eat anything any more."
  • "Is the wifi working yet?"
  • "Just get him to sign on the dotted line and work for fifty years."
  • "Poor Paddy works on the railway"

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