Wrap things up

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(it's time to) wrap (things) up: (es ist Zeit) aufzuhören, etwas unter Dach und Fach zu bringen

to wrap: einpacken, einwickeln, umhüllen


  • "I think it's time to wrap things up."
  • "Let's wrap up today's broadcast with some audio recordings from the zoo, where little Huan Huan II became just the fourth panda ever born on American soil."
  • "Hopefully we can wrap things up quickly and head to the bar."
  • "Donna : That's all the time we have for this segment, we'll be right back after the commercial break to wrap things up."
  • "Alright, we're going to take one last quick break folks, and I'll come back to wrap up the show."
  • "Bruno : Ok, I think that's a good note to wrap up on."
  • "I think we'll just have to wrap it up now folks."
  • "I'll do my best to address any additional concerns, and then we'll wrap up the proceedings."

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