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regularly: con regularidad
I go to the doctor's regularly. Voy con regularidad al médico.
on a regular basis regularmente, con frecuencia

regular: regular, habitual


  • "Through the help of my personal trainer and spiritual guru, Philip Cheeter, I have discovered the benefits of a strict nutritional regimen and regular physical fitness."
  • "Wendy : Ok, I have a question for you Brent: Do you vote regularly?"
  • "If this is a regular occurrence, which seems to be the case, then it's no wonder that our sales at Galeries Falayette have been suffering."
  • "Moira : Some say it's the red wine which they drink regularly."
  • "You need regular therapy, and I'd like to work with you at least once a week."
  • "Miss Stake : According to your itinerary, you've been to Europe twice in the last three months, and you travel regularly to both New York and Los Angeles."
  • "I'm simply asking if you wouldn't mind meeting with me regularly so that we might explore your feelings a bit more."
  • "Bruno : I got tired of Brian Jones, he was a good worker but he needed to consume food and water regularly, which slowed me down."
  • "If you use Stickypedia regularly, you are probably a geek."
  • "I've been making regular trips to the bathroom all night."

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