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Übersetzung & Definition

an appeal (for peace): ein (Friedens)appell
The prime minister has made an appeal to the two countries to sign a peace treaty. Der Premierminister hat an beide Staaten appelliert, einen Friedensvertrag zu unterzeichnen.
a court of appeals ein Berufungsgericht
to appeal (to have a certain appeal): wirken (einen gewissen Reiz haben)
Der Ursprung des deutschen Ausdruckes "Sex-Appeal haben":
This ad holds no appeal for me. Diese Werbung spricht mich überhaupt nicht an.
appealing verführerisch, anziehend
to appeal: appellieren
We will appeal to the family's sense of tradition. Wir werden an die Familientradition appellieren.


  • "Edward : Ok... something emotional that appeals to young men."
  • "Susie : It's classy... French... explains the product well, appeals to a wide base of consumers... It's just crazy enough to work."
  • "I was thinking of a perfume that would appeal to youthful adults, but as well to adult youths."
  • "We're trying to rebrand Outback Cologne as a scent that also appeals to urban individuals, university students, young professionals, people who frequent bars and cafés and single men on the dating scene."
  • "Susie : As I mentioned in my email, we are considering marketing a unisex line of products which obviously would appeal to both male and female consumers."

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