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Übersetzung & Definition

to charge (10 dollars) to (an account): (10 Dollar) von (einem Konto) abbuchen
Bruno charges his business lunches to the company account. Bruno bucht seine Kosten für Geschäftsessen vom Unternehmenskonto ab.
to be charged with (murder) : (wegen Mordes) angeklagt sein
(my lawyer) charges ($200 per hour): (mein Anwalt) berechnet ($200 pro Stunde)
My hairdresser charged me 50 pounds for this haircut! Mein Friseur berechnete mir 50 Pfund für diesen Haarschnitt!
to charge (a battery): (eine Batterie) aufladen


  • "Now there's no need to spend thousands of dollars every week on batteries, because the new solar powered flashlight is charged by the sun's natural energy."
  • "They've charged us for two steaks and fries!"
  • "You didn't charge it to the company's expense account, did you?"
  • "Kevin : Cash please, oh wait I only have 2 twenties, I'll have to charge it."
  • "The cost of the ticket has been charged to the Delavigne Corporation, as you requested."
  • "If you undercut our suggested prices, then you price out all of our resellers who are charging more."
  • "Susie : Regarding the budget for the shoot: the most expensive aspect of this project will be securing Ms. Bümbüm's services, she's charging a minimum of 50,000 dollars per appearance these days."
  • "And besides, I've charged it to my Delavigne expense account!"
  • "Polly : It has recently come to my attention that you charged a business class plane ticket from San Francisco to Jakarta to your expense account at Delavigne."
  • "The cost of the ticket has been charged to your expense account at the Delavigne Corporation, as you requested."

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