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Übersetzung & Definition

cleanliness: die Sauberkeit
Icarus often has a problem with the cleanliness of the employee lounge. Icarus hat oft Probleme mit der Sauberkeit des Aufenthaltraums der Angestellten.
clean: sauber, rein
Luna likes to spend her weekends in the country, where the air is clean. Luna verbringt gerne ihre Wochenenden auf dem Land, wo die Luft sauber ist.
Let's keep the conversation clean. Lass uns anständig bleiben.
to clean (up): sauber machen
Philip always cleans his office when Bruno drops by. Philip macht immer sein Büro sauber, wenn Bruno vorbeikommt.
Bob spent all Sunday cleaning the house after hosting the poker party. Bob verbrachte nach der Pokerparty den ganzen Sonntag mit der Reinigung des Hauses.


  • "But I'm warning you Horatio, if this thing goes south, I am not going to be the one cleaning up the mess."
  • "You still need to clean your room and lay the table for supper!"
  • "You two, go in and clean up the monkey poo-poo!"
  • "Clean up your mess"
  • "Cleaning equipment and gas masks are available in my office."
  • "Your task is to clean the laboratory, and by extension, any monkeys therein."
  • "Hannah : You're the intern, go and clean up this monkey poo please!"
  • "Horatio : You're going to clean this up, right?"
  • "Now, over 65 years later, McGillicutty's has become synonymous with "clean"."
  • "Philip : There's no way I'm going to ruin my shoes cleaning up this mess."

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