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Übersetzung & Definition

a desire: ein Begehren, ein Verlangen, ein Wunsch
I have no desire to clean the house today. Ich habe heute kein Verlangen, das Haus zu putzen.
to desire: begehren, verlangen, wünschen
I desire a better position in the company. Ich wünsche mir eine bessere Position in der Firma.


  • "-In a recent survey, nearly 70% of customers indicated that they wanted their needs and desires met prior to having to ask."
  • "In a surprising announcement yesterday, a spokesman for the tiny island nation of Zirconda expressed the country's desire to join the European Union as a member country sometime in the next decade."
  • "I can sell you one, if you desire."
  • "This development pleases me, and I would like to congratulate this person on their desire to attain Nirvana with us, or possibly just Soundgarden."
  • "Your commitment to daily English lessons has shown me how earnestly you desire to converse in the language of Shakespeare."
  • "Ah, here we are: It is my desire to bequeath the football club, Real Fudgenudge FC, to my grandson."
  • "This development greatly pleases me, and I would like to congratulate this person on their desire to attain nirvana with us."
  • "When asked for the reason behind Zirconda's desire to join the EU, the Zircondan Minister of Foreign Affairs replied, "We've really always liked Europe."
  • "Wang desires to make Chinese goods synonymous with quality and class, not just mass production"."

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