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Übersetzung & Definition

a grandfather: ein Großvater
a grandmother, a grandma: eine Großmutter


  • "In closing, I'd just like to dedicate this moment to my grandfather, Xavier Delavigne."
  • "My grandmother invites us all for dinner in the countryside."
  • "My grandmother used to take me there when I was little."
  • "Before I begin reading the will, please accept my condolences for the loss of your grandfather, Mr. Jones."
  • "I apologize, I thought you were my grandmother."
  • "Me with a poor dying grandmother?"
  • "Apparently, the painting reminds him very much of his grandmother, who was also red, ugly and had your signature on her bottom."
  • "I named it after my grandfather."
  • "It's kind of you to help me out with the reading of my grandfather's will."
  • "I purchased an old soviet submarine on e-bay with the money my grandfather left me."

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