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Übersetzung & Definition

real estate: eine Immobilie
a real estate developer ein Bauträger
a real estate agent (US), an estate agent (UK): ein Immobilienmakler
the real estate bubble: die Immobilienblase

Pronunciation examples
UK: I made a fortune in real estate - then I gave it all to charity.
US: When I grow up, I want to be a real estate agent.


  • "Estate agent : But Mr. Marron, we have to be realistic here."
  • "Estate agent : You do realize that the rent is $6010 per month?"
  • "Estate agent : Hello again Mr. Marron."
  • "Estate agent : Ho ho!"
  • "Estate agent : Yes, as you can smell, the apartment has been unoccupied for some time now, so there is a little dust."
  • "Estate agent : Oh, that's nothing to worry about."
  • "Estate agent : Yes, it is quite something."
  • "Estate agent : Not quite, ha ha!"
  • "Estate agent : Ah, what is it?"
  • "My wonderful estate agent Laura Kipper has found me a wonderful apartment."

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