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Übersetzung & Definition

special: speziell, besonders
Nothing special Nichts Besonderes


  • "Joining us is a very special guest, who will test THX-1134's sales skills."
  • "Harold : Well, that sounds special!"
  • "In my place, Bruno's "special assistant" Brian Jones will be showing Mr. Warbuckle the offices, and introducing him to the staff individually."
  • "If you have any urgent inquiries during my expedition in the Himalayas, please contact my special assistant, Brian Jones."
  • "Brian Jones, 37, special assistant to CEO Bruno Delavigne, has been accused of stealing trade secrets from within the heart of the company."
  • "We label all the bottles with high-quality, low-cost labels manufactured by one of our Asian production partners, and designate this perfume as a "special limited edition" of "Bordello Breeze"."
  • "None of our products are tested on animals (other than our test monkeys, which are a "special" exception, and never exposed to any real danger), and Delavigne is proud to support environmental initiatives all over the world."
  • "Welcome to the program. Today we have a special treat for you."
  • "Moira : Welcome to an extra special edition of Radio Rhubarb, folks!"

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