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Übersetzung & Definition

to take (something/somebody) seriously: (etwas oder jemanden) ernst nehmen
Luna is disappointed that no one takes her suggestion to construct a meditation room seriously. Luna ist enttäuscht, dass niemand ihren Vorschlag, einen Meditationsraum zu bauen, ernst nimmt.


  • "Donna : Yes, but Bruno I take my radio work very seriously, and I have my own patients as well."
  • "If you want to be taken seriously, you must speak properly."
  • "Zircondan officials have already filled out the necessary paperwork for member status, though no one is sure whether or not this application will be taken seriously by the European Commission."
  • "Do you take your wine drinking seriously? Do you judge a man on the vintage of wine he serves after vigorously chasing a fox across the English countryside?"
  • "If I ever needed advice about what perfume to wear, you'd certainly top my list, but for something as complicated as finance - don't take this the wrong way - but it's difficult to take a man without clothes on seriously."
  • "Shareholder agreements must be taken seriously, and I'm just the woman to help you with that."

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