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Übersetzung & Definition

to take a nap: ein Schläfchen machen
My favorite part of working at Delavigne is taking my afternoon nap. Mein liebster Moment auf der Arbeit bei Delavigne ist, mein Nachmittagsschläfchen zu machen.
a nap: ein Schläfchen
nap time (or nap-time): Mittagsruhe


  • "-Well-brought-up young ladies takes naps ( sic ) at parties."
  • "Probably to take a little nap."
  • "I am aware of Horatio's naps."
  • "-Why do I have to take a nap?"
  • "Hannah : Wait, so are you telling me that you nap twice per day, every day?"
  • "Certainly there are companies which have had success with this kind of initiative, however I am reluctant to set aside time for naps at this time."
  • "Are you taking a nap after our meeting?"
  • "Edward, if I could summarize your pointless song: You got on the bus this morning, didn't have any money, you took a nap, then you started crying like a little girl!"
  • "Were you taking a nap?"

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