All of you

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All of you are welcome!: Jeder von Ihnen ist willkommen!


  • "Listen up everybody, because of Bruno's work, all of you can leave early!"
  • "I have a very important announcement to deliver to all of you."
  • "Michael will be visiting all of you, finding ways to add a song and a dance to your jobs."
  • "It protects all parties, and allows all of you to remain partners with people you know and trust."
  • "All of you, as well as your life partners, are invited."
  • "Moira : And just to put that into perspective for all of you, that's nearly double the time that Brent lasts in bed, according to his ex-wife."
  • "You're all trying to kill me! All of you!"
  • "Please allow me now to pose a rhetorical question to all of you: is it normal that I am directly receiving phone calls from customers?"
  • "I'll shoot all of you!"
  • "I have a special gift for all of you!"

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