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certainly: sicherlich, bestimmt, gewiss, natürlich
'Are you going to Bruno's party?' -'I certainly am.' 'Gehst du zu Brunos Party?' - 'Ja, ganz sicher.'

Pronunciation examples
UK: I can't come today, but I'll certainly come tomorrow.
US: I am certainly flattered by your proposition.
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  • "Receptionist : Certainly sir."
  • "Owner : Certainly."
  • "You've certainly reminded why I came to live in America."
  • "Icarus : Hee hee, the aging population is certainly a drain on resources, yes."
  • "Waitress : Certainly sir."
  • "I just want to reassure you that you're both bad, and that song was certainly double bad."
  • "Gerald : I most certainly do not."
  • "Philip : Well Edward, this lunch has certainly been an experience."
  • "You have extensive experience in the customer service field and you certainly seem qualified for this position."
  • "It's certainly not a traditional career trajectory, but I applaud you for it."

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