Come down

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to come down: herunterkommen, sinken, fallen, zusammenbrechen
I'm coming down in the elevator. Ich komme mit dem Aufzug hinunter.
The prices are finally coming down. Endlich sinken die Preise.

to come down (and visit) : vorbeikommen (und besuchen)
When are you going to come down to my beach house? Wann kommen Sie mich in meinem Strandhaus besuchen?


  • "Would it be okay if he came down and had a look at our network?"
  • "Shopkeeper : I haven't laughed like that since the Berlin Wall came down!"
  • "To make a long story short, we'll have an efficiency expert coming down to our offices next week."
  • "You are coming down to Earth, captain, whether you like it or not."
  • "If any of you wish to come down to the studio to see some of the film being shot, you are welcome!"
  • "Listen, hail a cab back to the office and I'll come down and pay for it."
  • "So, as you can see, it would be a waste of time for your friend to come down to the offices, because he can't do anything for us."
  • "It's time to come down, captain."
  • "He offered to come down to the office to have a look at our network."
  • "If you can't come down on the price per unit, I'm afraid we're going to look elsewhere."

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