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to depend (on or upon somebody, something): abhängen (von etwas, jemand)
That depends. Das kommt darauf an.
I'm depending on you. Ich zähle auf dich.
I'm depending on you to drive me to the party tomorrow night. My car has broken down. Ich bin auf dich angewiesen, um morgen auf die Party gehen zu können. Mein Auto hat eine Panne.

(a) dependable (person): (eine) zuverlässige (Person)


  • "It highlighted the increased attention on corporations who depend on cheap or illegal labor sources to lower production costs."
  • "Icarus : Stickypedia was created by Willy James in March 2002 - or November 2001 - depending upon which Stickypedia page you look at."
  • "Susie : Well that depends."
  • "He seems like a solid worker - the kind of guy you can depend on, and he's always free to help you with problems. However, he's sometimes a bit difficult to understand, especially when he's talking about technical issues."
  • "Depending on your views, we'll decide whether or not to pursue these ideas and invest in a full-scale campaign, in conjunction with the R & D department."
  • "Brian : Well, that depends."
  • "Janine : It depends on the state but, in general, the payments are stopped after six months."
  • "Everything depends on billing - how many hours you spend even thinking about a client."

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