Expense account

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an expense account: ein Spesenkonto

to charge a business lunch to one's expense account: ein Geschäftsessen mit den Spesen verrechnen

an expense: eine Ausgabe, eine Aufwandsposition


  • "Icarus : Yes, well Mr. Bob, we noticed a few incongruities while reviewing your expense account."
  • "Subject: Re: Expense Account Review (URGENT)"
  • "Icarus : On August 22nd of last year, there is a twelve-hundred dollar charge to the company's expense account, but we can't seem to locate a receipt for this transaction."
  • "The cost of the ticket has been charged to your expense account at the Delavigne Corporation, as you requested."
  • "You didn't charge it to the company's expense account, did you?"
  • "Polly : It has recently come to my attention that you charged a business class plane ticket from San Francisco to Jakarta to your expense account at Delavigne."
  • "And besides, I've charged it to my Delavigne expense account!"
  • "Subject: Expense Account Review"
  • "As you may or may not know, Bruno, Icarus and I are currently reviewing all employee expense accounts."

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