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a note: eine Mitteilung, eine Notiz, eine Anmerkung

to note: anmerken, feststellen, notieren


  • "I have used shorthand in my notes in order to save time."
  • "A note from the author"
  • "Bruno : Ok, I think that's a good note to wrap up on."
  • "Please note that the menu is subject to change."
  • "On a personal note, I know a great midwife specializing in natural home births."
  • "Please note that I have some friends I'd like to see in London, so I would prefer we didn't socialise together."
  • "I've added a couple of notes of my own (in red)."
  • "All absences will be noted on your permanent record and result in firing squad!"
  • "Brian : So, the dog was a witness. Noted."

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