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Übersetzung & Definition

a panda : ein Panda


  • "( Panda noises )"
  • "In early February, hungry pandas stormed the gates of their Beijing enclosure, presumably due to a bamboo shortage."
  • "He was with me in my office, we were looking at videos of baby pandas."
  • "On a lighter note, a baby panda was born yesterday at the National Zoo in Washington DC."
  • "The panda has been named Huan Huan II, after her mother Huan Huan I."
  • "Let's wrap up today's broadcast with some audio recordings from the zoo, where little Huan Huan II became just the fourth panda ever born on American soil."
  • "Can we have panda?"
  • "Now, Brian loves pandas."
  • "There is, however, one snag: the deodorant's unique chemical formula is produced by mixing extracts from several endangered species including pandas, polar bears and dolphins."

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