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a price: ein Preis
Could you give me the price of this blouse here? Können Sie mir den Preis dieser Bluse hier nennen?

to price: den Preis festsetzen
Have you finished pricing the new line? Haben Sie die Preise der neuen Kollektion festgesetzt?
We sell reasonably-priced furniture. Wir verkaufen Möbel zu günstigen Preisen.


  • "Let's talk pricing."
  • "' The kangaroo says, 'at these prices, I'm not surprised."
  • "The US property market is currently suffering a credit crisis, making it attractive for Britons who cannot cope with the sky-high house prices at home."
  • "Some are looking for holiday homes at prices they could not have hoped to pay a few years ago."
  • "I have taken the liberty of attaching the contact information of a consulting group which organizes Corporate Team-Building events at reasonable prices."
  • "You'll notice that our prices are very competitive."
  • "My prices are so small you can barely see them."
  • "Edward : For 80,000 bottles of two great scents, we offer you a price that makes great sense"
  • "But my company has a number of concerns beyond price."
  • "With energy prices high, consumers are also reluctant to make costly trips to the shopping mall."

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