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a reminder: eine Erinnerung
This is just a reminder that the form is due tomorrow morning. Das ist nur eine Erinnerung, dass das Formular morgen abgegeben werden muss.

to remind: erinnern
Pronunciation examples
UK: Can you remind me of your name - I've forgotten it!
US: Leave the bill on the table as a reminder that I still have to pay it.


  • "This is just a reminder that tomorrow (14 August) I will be bringing a group of elementary school students to the offices as part of the Delavigne Cares program for underprivileged youths."
  • "Just a friendly reminder that the annual Delavigne holiday party will be held tonight."
  • "Nevertheless, we thought you could benefit from a friendly reminder as to the rules of the facility"
  • "Just a quick reminder that we will be meeting on Wednesday at 12:00 as usual, for our weekly Current Events club."
  • "Subject: Reminder: Your Brazilian 1 Minute Massage tomorrow!"
  • "Just a little reminder that I'll be spending a week in Australia starting this Tuesday."
  • "Just a reminder that your English lessons start today."
  • "Just a quick reminder that we will be meeting at 8:30 sharp tomorrow (Tuesday) morning to discuss possible names for a new Delavigne skin cream to be released at the end of the year."
  • "Subject: Reminder -- Brainstorming session tomorrow!"
  • "Let's take another crack at naming this skin cream. Just a reminder, the cream is refreshing."

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