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a century: ein Jahrhundert
My ancestors immigrated here in the 18th century. Meine Vorfahren sind im 18. Jahrhundert hierher eingewandert.


  • "The Delavigne Corporation is one of San Francisco's most-respected local businesses, producing fine products since the early twentieth century."
  • "Wow, 102 years old, that's more than a century!"
  • "I'm sure you know that China's workforce and economic growth make us a leading power for the 21st century and beyond."
  • "Philip (singing) : I'm a twenty-first century guy, I don't care when Hannah says "Bye"."
  • "Bill : Yes: of the century."
  • "In their heyday in the mid-20th century, American labor unions provided a political force to be reckoned with."
  • "The takeover was an unexpected blow to the family-run business that could mark the end of a century of locally-tailored Italian couture."
  • "Bobby Vanquish, the king of jazz, returns to San Francisco this weekend, accompanied by six of the 21st century's finest horn players."
  • "For the last century, Delavigne has been among the industry leaders in cosmetics and perfumes."
  • "Philip (singing) : I'm a twenty-first century guy, I don't shake hands when I say "Hi"!"

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