In this case

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in this case, in both cases, in some cases: in diesem Fall, in beiden Fällen, in einigen Fällen


  • "In that case, you need to take this lift down to the ground floor, go across the hall until you reach a big door."
  • "In some cases Anosmia may be permanent, although a few people have reported a recovery."
  • "Bruno : Well, in that case, I guess I'll see you tonight."
  • "Bob : Well sir, in this case, you'll definitely need an IT consultant."
  • "In this case, neither team scored at all."
  • "In some cases Anosmia maybe permanent, although few people have reported a recovery."
  • "In this case, they want your credit card details so that they can buy things using your PlasterCard!"
  • "Surely in this case, an expert's opinion is more important?"
  • "Well, in that case I don't know what to tell you Dmitri."
  • "No matter how silly the question may be, there is always a way to transform it into something informative, and in this case, you managed to promote our products as well."

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