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a purpose: eine Absicht, ein Zweck
What is the purpose of your visit today? Was ist der Zweck Ihres heutigen Besuchs?

(to do something) on purpose: (etwas) absichtlich machen
Did you do it on purpose? Haben Sie das mit Absicht gemacht?


  • "Lawyer : Uh, Mr. Capone, for legal purposes, I'd like you to refrain from using the term "gangster" to describe yourself."
  • "State your name and purpose!"
  • "The purpose of this party is to boost morale."
  • "It's actually for work purposes."
  • "What is your purpose in life?"
  • "The purpose of this letter is to briefly introduce myself as Delavigne Corporation's Director of Sales."
  • "And let me assure you that the information you give today is solely for research purposes, and will be used only by myself and the marketing department here at Delavigne."
  • "For legal purposes, we deny everything."
  • "Unfortunately, I am unable to give you more information regarding my position and purpose, because then I would have to kill you."
  • "Oléré, an Indian shaman who practiced strange rituals in the heart of the Amazon, used herbs and plants from the rainforest for medicinal purposes."

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