Offers & Pricing



From €14 per month



From €19 per month



From €39 per month


Number of lessons per week

Depending on the chosen course and offer, from 2 to 5 lessons (Premium offer) or 4 to 7 lessons (Gold offer) will be dedicated to revision.
Up to 3 
Up to 5 
Up to 7 

Vocabulary on demand

Selected vocabulary will be added to each user’s personal revision list.
Up to 3 
Up to 20 

Personalized lessons

The lesson content and revision schedule adapt to your needs, strengths and weaknesses as well as your right or wrong answers.

Level assessment

Following your first 7 lessons, you’ll receive a level assessment along with a personalized learning report

Authentic cultural references

In each one of our lessons, we present you with an authentic cultural reference (film, television, music, etc.) linked to the story of the day.

Lessons available via App & Desktop

Access your lessons on any device: computer, tablet or smartphone (via our app).

Your statistics

View your statistics and progress: number of words learned, number of completed lessons, participation rate, mastered grammar points, etc.

Your pedagogical space

Content from past lessons and corrections is available to review at any time: story, grammar concepts, exercises, vocabulary, cultural references, etc.

Monthly pedagogical report

You'll receive a monthly follow-up report with details of progress you have made (number of words learned, number of completed lessons, newly mastered grammar concepts, etc.)

Your areas of interest

Lessons adapt to the topics you select: travel, everyday situations, culture, love life, business sectors (economy, health & medicine, education, management, IT, marketing, sales, human resources, industry, etc.)

Certification of completion

At the end of your subscription, you’ll receive a certificate of completion detailing your level, progress and participation rate.

Your reception days

Set your reception days (from Monday to Sunday)

Tutoring with our language teachers

A window at the bottom of each lesson allows you to communicate with our language teachers for questions, comments, suggestions, etc.

Customizable lesson length

Choose your preferred lesson length and adapt it at any time (5 lesson lengths available).

Priority customer service

Need to get in touch with us? Our technical team will treat your requests in priority.

HR / staff training managers: access your Pro account to monitor your co-workers' training (reporting tools, performance indicators, level assessment, students' progress, participation rates, administrative documents, Blended Learning modules, etc).