Here is some of the positive feedback we've received from Rich Morning Show customers:


An ostrich, a seal, llamas, a dog, a parrot... I love animals so it's great!

Tom, 11, from Paris


My name's Sacha, I'm 8, and I think the Rich Morning Show is very funny! I've learnt lots of words about animals watching the cartoons. I have a good laugh every morning! Pavel is my favorite: I like him best!

Sacha, 8, from Paris


These shows are awesome! They're funny but still they teach English effectively, even to young children.

Laurane Preumont, Bedford (CANADA)

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It's a really good program, but I have to write down all the grammar points when I hear them otherwise I forget!

a student at the Micro-Lycée school, Senart


The software is well done, it looks good, and helps with day-to-day language. You get to know the characters, so you feel comfortable quickly...

a student at the Micro-Lycée school, Senart


I would like to participate at the Rich morning show as an animal, I would like to be a tiger specialist in mechanic.



I can't wait until my little boy learns how to read then he can follow this course!

Une maman (!)


It's a good way to train your ear because you can see the written English and hear the sentences spoken at the same time!

A customer

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