Our educational approach focuses on short, daily lessons over the long term. Your English will get better and better as time goes by!

Maximum length Rates
3 months €39/month
6 months €24/month
9 months €19/month
12 months €15/month


'Fixed length' subscriptions . For 'Fixed Length' subscriptions, the subscriber will receive one e-mail with English lessons and language activities per business day for the duration of the subscription. Rates depend on the length of the subscription and are unrelated to the number of lessons received and completed by the user.

Five Rich Morning lessons will be sent every week. The subscriber will receive five e-mails in English per week, delivered on business days by default (Monday through Friday). He/she may choose the days on which the 5 e-mails will be sent. The actual length of training depends on each individual's participation rate.

Secured payment . Our banking partner CIC guarantees the confidentiality of your payment data. You may pay by Visa, credit card, MasterCard, American Express or PayPal.

Individual subscriptions. As lessons are customized according to each individual's weak points and needs in English, it is not possible to transfer a subscription to another person during the course of the training program.


The Rich Morning course has four distinct stages:

Round 1: 21 personalized lessons with cartoons played at reduced speed, with subtitles . The first stage includes 21 lessons, each based on an animated episode of the Rich Morning Show. Each lesson is comprised of a cartoon (lasting two minutes on average), a selection of questions about the day's show, and a personalized correction e-mail (once you send your answers to the questions). From the second show onwards, the lessons also focus on particular English points which the student struggles with.

Round 2: 21 personalized lessons with cartoons played at normal speed, with subtitles . In the second round, the shows are watched again at normal speed, still with subtitles. The characters speak at a natural speed, just like in real life. The questions for each show are based on how well the student did in the first round.

Round 3: 21 personalized lessons with cartoons played at normal speed, without subtitles . The principle remains the same, but this time there are no subtitles. Like in Rounds 1 and 2, each lesson focuses in on particular points covered in the past with which the student has struggled.

Revision : Once the three rounds have been completed, we begin a final phase to help the student retain all the English that they've learned. We revise all the topics covered in previous lessons, to make sure that the student has mastered all the points introduced in the earlier phases of the course.